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My art is the movement between one idea and other. An impulse that leads to a gesture that leads to an image that leads to a sensation that leads to an impulse that leads. My art is the word that fails to conceptualize my own work. My art is the contradiction between control and freedom, joy and struggle, self-indulgence and generosity. It is about me letting myself be what others see as I become the mixture of what my instincts had always suggested and the new element people discover about me. My art is an opened heart. Imperfect. My art is the small thing that is huge, the simple thing that is complicated, the ordinary thing that is fascinating. At least for me. Maybe for you? Do you see what I see? Do you feel what I feel?

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I am a performance artist. Not only exclusively into the making of dance, theatre or performance art pieces, but also in a interdisciplinary way with video, installation, photography, voice and sound. My work has as a starting point my body’s perceptive system, and from it the way I relate to the world and to the Other socially, politically, playfully. My academic background is based on my MFA in interdisciplinary studies from Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) and a BA in Communications from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (Recife, Brazil). The period between the two degrees I had developed video art pieces that was exhibited in festivals such as Square Eyes, Exchange Gallery (Cornwall, UK, 2011), Direct Action no Institut für alles mögliche (Berlim, 2011) and SPA das Artes 2006 (Recife, Brazil). Also I have been making performance art pieces for festivals such as Chance Ecologies (NY, 2015), Deformes  Bienalle (Santiago Chile 2014), LIVE  Bienalle (Vancouver, 2013) and European Performance Art Festival (Warsow and Lublin, 2011). My theatre and dance works has been played  at The Vancouver International Fringe Festival and independently in canada and Brazil.

My training in performance is based on a variety of contemporary dance techniques, somatic practices, contact improvisation, Butoh, West African dance, physical theatre and clown. Such training has been possible with the encounter with artists/mentors that has influenced my work dearly. Some of them are:Helen Walkley,Peter Bingham (EDAM), Guillermo Gomez-Peña (La Pocha Nostra), Jürgen Fritz (Black Market Internacional), Steven Hill, Jecky Essombe, Flávio Rabelo (Lume Teatro/Cambar Coletivo). In the last 9 year I had lived in Vancouver (Canada), where I have joined the collective Dance Troupe Practice and LIVE Bienalle’s board of Directors. In February 2016 I moved back to Recife (Brazil), and here I have been reconnecting and discovering new possibilities of being. An artist.

contact: info.lucianaf@gmail.com


photo: Elizeu Santos-Neto