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I am a Brazilian artist who has been living and working between Canada and Brazil since 2007. I hold an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University and I have training in dance improvisation, contact improvisation, somatic dance practices, butoh, physical theatre and clown.

In my work, I like to consider the creative reciprocity that exists on the encounter. As I see and let be seen,  as I hear and let be heard, as I touch and let be touched, I allow myself to enhance my connection with collaborators, working materials, the working studio, locations, landscapes, urban contexts – and let their affects resonate on the work. By doing so, I am politically acknowledging the wholeness of the body in art making and community building. 

My practice is then, body oriented, manifesting in and between dance and visual arts (performance art, video, installation, photography, sound). My work has been exhibited/performed internationally, such as PushOFF 2023, Brazilian Dance Festival- Recife (2017); Visualeyez Festival (Edmonton, Canada, 2015), Perfomance Biennale Deformes (Santiago, Chile  – 2014), European Performance Art Festival (Poland – 2011). I have attended art residencies such as Performance Art Forum PA-F (France, 2018); Apolo-Hermilo Research and Training Centre in Performing Arts (City of Recife Gov.); Capital 35 (São Paulo, 2016).

I have also worked for other artist’s projects such as a dancer for Kelly McInnes’ SHINY (Vancouver International Dance Festival, 2019); as a guest mentor and photo/video maker for Guadalupe Martinez’ Cuerpo (Or Gallery, 2020); as dancer for Emmalena Fredriksson and Arash Khakpour’s You Touch Me (The Dance Centre, 2022).

For the past 10 years, I have been teaching workshops and classes on dance, mindful practices and performance art at many institutions, festivals and independently. Recently I have taught the course Performance Art at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and currently I am the artist-in-residence at the Roundhouse Comunity Centre.

contact: info.lucianaf@gmail.com


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