March | Kelly Mclnnes’ SHINY at VIDF 2019

I am excited to join the cast of Kelly Mclnnes’ SHINY for the Vancouver International Dance Festival that will take place on March 20-23 at 5pm.


December | Exhibition at Faultline Projects gallery

The first official sharing of a long term collaboration project between the artist Zoe Kreye and myself will happen in the form of photography to be part of the exhibition How to: Work With at Faultline Projects in salt Spring island (BC).

April 17- 21 | residency at Performing Arts Forum, France

I’m excited to announce a collaborative residency with the sound artists Yannick Franck (Belgium) and Jason Jason Van Gulick (France) at PAF.  Initiated and run by artists, theoreticians, practitioners and activists themselves, PAF is a user-created informal institution.  A place for distraction, retreat and conviviality


I will be performing Vocation/Vacation – a dance performance based on improvisation games, around labour, pleasure, time in, time out, choice and chance.

Jan-Fev | Bloom  – Choreographic Residency


Nos meses de Janeiro e Fevereiro estarei participando junto aos artista Lara Abdir e Stefan Smulovitz da residência coreográfica Bloom 2018, sob a organização/supervisão de Jennifer Mascall da cia de dança Mascall Dance.