outside in

video-instalação | 8 min in loop | Vancouver, 2010
Performer: Robert Seaton

Outside In é uma representação poética do sentimento de vulnerabilidade. O video captura o desejo de fuga para um lugar seguro através de uma performance de intensa  energia corporal baseada em técnicas de dança Butoh. A imagem que inspira o performer é a tentativa de ter menos contato com o mundo. Ele se move como se fosse possível internalizar sua própria pele, a parte externa de seu corpo. Essa ação é  intercalada por momentos de coragem que é seguido de um colapso corporal.

O video é uma instalação em loop, que traz a idéia de um ciclo infinito de desejo e frustração. A composição e o alto contraste fotográfico intensificam a experiência de um sentimento humano bastante familiar.


Outside In


Outside In 2


Outside In is a poetic representation of human feelings of vulnerability. This video pictures the desire of running away to a comfortable and safe place through a highly contained body energy performance by the Butoh artist Robert Seaton. The underlying image used to create this piece is the search for safety by having less contact with the world. The performer moves as if it was possible to turn the outside part of his body, the skin, into his core. This action is alternated by short attempts to reach confidence and strength, followed by a body collapse that takes him to the beginning.

In loop, the installation creates the idea of an endless cycle of desire and frustration. Immersed in a heavy dark area, emotions are revealed by only one spotlight over the performer. His skin gains new textures and his body new shapes, as his breath and movements change the shadows and light rhythm. The juxtaposition of close up shots and loose frame composition intensify the performance intention which allows the audience to connect their own experiences to a feeling that is familiar to many of us.