Studies on Pleasure and Healing

During the year of 2018 artist Zöe Kreye and I have started a collaborative project to reflect upon pleasure, healing and ritual. We have explored performative relations with her sculptures and fabrics.

Our statement:

We acknowledge the role of pleasure in human development/evolution, and its role in healing beyond mere indulgence. We draw pleasure out of the shadows of shame to rigorously investigate it beyond shallow and normative cultural interpretations. We understand pleasure as a tool for survival. Humans learn to move, through our animal instinct towards pleasure; a newborn will wiggle without assistance up its mother’s belly to nurse guided by the scent of milk. Our first roll, crawl, step, bite are all guided by our desire impulse for pleasure. When we disregard this capacity we disable our potential to relate and create. Our work celebrates pleasure as a tool: to exchange with our environment and bring nuance and complexity to our existence in the world. We are creating a new body rituals (performance) that consider sensation and aesthetics within tactile environments (installation). We are deeply committed to championing the body as a valuable and significant, and often dismissed guide within the visual arts.


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