An empty house (full of air)

“Both dancers are grounded in truth. They are not “putting on a show”. They are living an experience (…) I’m glad I had the privilege of experiencing such a brave and intimate piece of art.  It’s not every day that you see two skilled and talented artists doing something one hundred percent their own way, clearly committed to exploring and expanding the frontiers of their art form.”
Colette Nichol – Plank Magazine

Dança site specific | International Fringe Festival, Vancouver 2015

Como dois corpos podem ativar e habitar o espaço intrigante de uma casa vazia? Inspiradas em discussões sobre elementos fundamentais da performance, Carolina Bergonzoni e Luciana D’Anunciação (em colaboração com Dance Troupe Practice) coreografam cenas que investigam relacionamento entre dançarinos e o espaço em performance. Brincando com objetos domésticos e a arquitetura, elas questionam a conexão entre os corpos performáticos em espaços restritos e abertos. Utilizando-se da intimidade da casa do Pandora Park, a audiência é convidada a experimentar a transformação de um espaço doméstico em um espaço de performance num espetáculo terno e descontraído.
How can two bodies activate and inhabit the intriguing space of an empty house? Inspired by discussions about the fundamental elements of performance, Carolina Bergonzoni and Luciana D’Anunciação (in collaboration with Dance Troupe Practice) choreograph scenes that investigate partnership and space in performance. Playing with domestic props and architecture, they question the engagement between performing bodies within confined and unconfined spaces. Using the intimacy of the field house at Pandora Park, in the heart of Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood, the audience is invited to experience the shift of a domestic space into a theatrical one in a tender and humorous piece. 

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“And it must be said, on this front, that D’Anunciacao and Bergonzoni are by no means cautious and delicate movers (…) despite the physical restrictions placed upon them; I offered several empathetic winces for battered elbows and hips as both women flung themselves about with abandon”.
Peter Dickinson – Performance, Place, Politics

Creators and performers: Luciana D’Anunciacao & Carolina Bergonzoni ( in collaboration with Dance Troupe Practice)
Pandora Park’s Field House  – Art Studio residencies program from the City of Vancouver’s Board of Parks and Recreation
35 minutes

Photos by Ash Tanasiychuk